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Winter Bugs: 10 Year Anniversary Edition by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Winter Bugs: 10 Year Anniversary Edition by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Winter Bugs: 10 Year Anniversary Edition by Lisa Loucks Christenson ebook Releases on 12/21/2016 with the Winter Solstice Print Release on 3/20/2016 with the Spring Equinox Pre-order now, you won't be charged until the books release. Lisa's Winter Bugs! First Edition (sold out) Now, for the first time...see the Winter Bugs! Exhibit published as an ebook, later a print book... A featured exhibit at the National Eagle Center, as seen in the Post-Bulletin, The Rochester Visitor Magazine, on KAAL Television News, in Lisa's Galleries.
Faith Like a Song Series, by L. L. Christenson

Faith Like a Song Series, by L. L. Christenson

Faith Like a Song Series by L. L. Christenson book trailer (episodes 1-3)



Episode 1: Last Days of Summer 

Episode 2: Writing Faith Songs About You

Episode 3: Promises of Forever

Baoji in the River Race Rescue, Case File 6, Bow Wow Detectives® | Story Preview Edition

Baoji in the River Race Rescue, Case File 6, Bow Wow Detectives® | Story Preview Edition


 Bow Wow Detectives®

Ben & Baoji in the River Race Rescue

Case File 6

Story Preview Edition (includes the first two chapters, trivia, photos)

by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Cover Photos & Design: ©2012, 2017 Lisa Loucks Christenson

 Coming Soon!

  ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-379-4

Loucks Studios, Inc. Announces New Middle Grade Fiction

Loucks Studios, Inc. Announces New Middle Grade Fiction

The Nature Club, #1 


Foreign Rights Available 

Genre: Fiction; Nature Adventures, Christian

Ages: 8 -12, Middle Grade (MG) Fiction

Release: October 2018

A middle grade nature adventure series written and illustrated by L. L. Christenson.

Two girls form a nature club and discover the answers they seek are found in the clues––outdoors.

Book One
Genre: Fiction; Nature Adventures, Christian
Ages: 8 -12, Middle Grade (MG) Fiction
A middle grade nature adventure series written and illustrated by L. L. Christenson.
COVER: Coming soon!

When Elle and Liza discover their shared passion for all-things-nature, they form a girls only nature club, the first of its kind at Braden Collier Elementary. 

The boys agreed on one thing: being rejected from joining the Elle and Liza's new club felt more embarrassing than having their moms protesting the new uniform dress code by showing up at school conferences––wearing their pajamas!

When Liza doesn't return to school on Monday, Elle is acting like something is not right. Then, Elle doesn't show up Tuesday. If she's really deathly-ill, like the teacher says, then why is she still doing her paper route? Something is going on in the girls clubhouse, but what? Then, Adam, the school principle's son doesn't show up on Wednesday, but Tippy and Sand Joe see him sneaking inside the clubhouse Tuesday night. Not only that, they see the light turn off––right before a dimmer light begins flickers behind closed curtains. If he's hiding out in their clubhouse at night––why? 

The boys gather their troupe and plot a covert mission to unveil the mystery going on in the clubhouse. When tragedy strikes, the boys spy mission comes to an owl-screeching halt.

Can the girls convince their rivals to keep their secret for just a little longer, if they bend their rules and let them in on their secret?

The Model Maker

Title: The Model Maker

Author: Award-winning story by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Word Count: 55,000 words 

Genre: Vintage Romance, Time Travel

Release: July 2018

Publisher: Snowy River Press


Lisa wrote her award-winning short story, in a few hours with her baby daughter on her lap. Somehow, she wrote it, but even more amazing, she won a contest with it. There were so many people who wrote in and thanked Lisa for her story (see below), she promised herself she'd expand it, some day, when time allowed.

Finally, the novelized version is complete, this time with a cat on her lap, while she wrote, edited, and expanded her award-winning, original story by another 54,000 words, give or take a few.

Lisa sends a special thanks to her classmates at Gotham Writers, and especially to her instructor, Leigh Michaels. Thank you all for believing in me! Thank you to my family who happily cheered me on. Thank you to my grandparents––now in heaven, that  were in every sense–– including becoming the models for the cover of the novel––my  inspiration for the hero and heroine, Jonathon and Cora. Thank you Don at the Plains Time Dealer in Cresco, Iowa, for your tour of the Opera House and its stories, for publishing the story––way back when. Thank you Cresco, Iowa for your hospitality, every time I pass through, to the librarians who helped me pull old newspapers for developing my ideas for the novel and for offering visitors an extraordinary town to visit.  This story is rooted in your history and I am grateful for every visit.

The book will be released in July of 2018. 

Here's what people are saying about Lisa’s award-winning story, THE MODEL MAKER: “I thought The Model Maker was reminiscent of a shortened, "Twilight Zone" episode or a Ray Bradbury story--and that ain't bad! The only thing wrong with this story is that it was too short! I wanted more!”––S.B. / Columbus, OH 

"Dear Lisa, Congratulations on your award for your short story The Model Maker. I enjoyed it both as a writer and as a miniaturist. I shared the story with several friends who are doll house enthusiasts and they loved it also. One thinks it would make a lovely illustrated book for adults another said she would like to see a room box based on your story. One friend, a published author and miniaturist, just lost her husband two weeks ago. She was especially moved and promises to reread it many times. Good luck with your future writing.”––M.H.C.

"What a wonderful story. I loved it and wish Lisa had expanded it to a book. I read it with tears. Loved her portrayal and know she has the ability to make it a full story. Her talent should be encouraged and rewarded. Thanks for sharing.”––Mary 

"Dear Lisa, I subscribe to a daily digest called "Small Stuff". The members are all people interested in anything miniature. There are artisans, crafters, and beginning doll house makers like me. One of our members read your winning story "The Model Maker" and posted the website in our latest digest, suggesting we read your story. I loved the story! You are a very talented storyteller! I hope you continue to write. I'm sure others also enjoy your story.”––S.Z.S. Bakersfield, CA

 Opening lines from Lisa’s award-winning story THE MODEL MAKER: (THIS IS THE ORIGINAL OPENING FOR THE SHORT STORY ONLY)

    At seventy-seven, Cora Stephans, a model maker, was nearing completion of her grand masterpiece. The city of Cresco, Iowa, commissioned her to create a room-size mechanical townscape based on her life study of the area, and they were darn lucky to get her for the job, too. 
    A self-taught engineer whose creations had brought historical figures back to life at the World Fairs from decades past, Cora was a robotics imaginer before the terms were even invented. During her studies over the years more than one man had studied her. In fact, if you asked Cora what made those old men blush, she'd confess, 'Beauty is only skin deep, but mine's still a dollar short of pin money.' Whatever that meant. 
    She ignored the leers of the widowers, and bypassed the steady gaze from men who never did settle long enough to marry. Cora avoided divorced men, because they couldn't forget their old baggage. After losing Jonathon, her only love, she ignored her yearnings.     Living for her art was a hollow substitution for love, and Cora knew this in her heart, but it kept one's mind and hands occupied. The townscape of Cresco took years to create and each character had to be individually designed. 
    From handmade curtains to authentic flooring, everything within the walls of Cora's townscapes contained the stories, the hopes, and the dreams of real people. Who could resist the country general store? When you opened the door, a saggy bloodhound lifted its head from its paws and howled. 
    Every store was animated with characters and props that moved lights and fans that worked. The player piano cranked out a tune and the mechanical bartender poured a mug of beer. Cora struggled for a week trying to figure out how to keep the beer mugs frosted. She credited her mechanical skills to her father. 
     Everyone respected Harlan Stephans, he was witty and gifted. He could make anything tick and come alive. In moment of great weakness, Cora wanted to believe that if he had been alive when Jonathon had died, that her father would have found a way to save him, too. Cora tapped into her father's gift and expanded upon it . . . .





Still Focused Here: A 40 Year Pictorial History of Rochester, Minnesota

Release: August 21, 2018

Still Focused Here: A 40 Year Pictorial History of Rochester, Minnesota

Written and Photographed by #1 International Bestselling Author & Illustrator Lisa Loucks Christenson

In 1978, Lisa Loucks was 13-years-old but did something that changed the focus of her future: she bought her first SLR film camera, a Minolta SRT 201. With five years of photography already under her belt, shooting eight-packs of Polaroid® film (some of her favorite images), taking pictures with her first 110mm camera, her parent 126mm, later a Super 8mm and Super 8mm Sound movie cameras she wouldn’t have understood, then, how important the timing of making her first major purchase of her life was, or how that God-timed decision become the actual seeds for this book—40 years later. Who can doubt God's timing?

Lisa didn’t know how F-stops and shutter speeds worked together. Her other cameras were all point and shoot. She barely understood lighting or how the slight or drastic changes to it, lack of it, shooting images in different weather, indoors or outdoors affected the outcome of her images. She couldn’t see, then, how florescent, tungsten, or incandescent light was any different than the ambient light inside or outside. To her, light was light, or it was almost light, almost dark, or there was no light and it was really dark. She bought filters to “correct” the lighting in her images, lighting that appeared perfectly fine as she observed things, but her images didn’t return or share that same experience. She didn’t understand her flash unit, she didn’t understand how fall-off worked, how bouncing light or adding more flash units changed shapes, offered hair lights, backlights, or even when to use a “fill” flash. She had barely figured out how taking longer or shorter exposures varied her results, according to the various lighting conditions, with or without the filters, flash.

Lisa was in training for something about to change her destiny, her vision. Shoot, sink or swim.

She did learn, however, the faster she could figure out “lighting” and how it worked with her cameras controls, her flash, filters, or how to pan and drag as she shot: would make the exact difference in well-exposed images or not, flash-frozen action or blurred images, how creating: orange, blue, purple, magenta, green, yellow, or red people was a choice of filters or flash, usually.

More importantly, she never forgot the emotional weight a pack of pictures had after she picked up her shots from the camera shop. The gut-wrenching lot of “not” was a tough lesson that clicked in her thoughts, and every time thereafter, when she pressed her shutter. That get-it-right the first time or pay for under or over-exposed images—out of whatever meager teenager wages there were left.

She couldn't understood, then, how those first two months with camera in hand, along with a heap of failed exposures were her first rolls of   training for her future. Pictures that carved an unforgettable path to her losses and were the education, a tuition of sorts, to the critical role those paid exposures, good and bad shots, that played in learning her craft. Paid in full.

Then, the tides turned--they always do, right? Lisa, armed with her trusty Minolta (as she referred to it), wasn’t afraid of the rising water, she was right there above it, beside it, shooting her first news images, what would become her first and most important historical images. This time, with confidence of her paid-training. She didn’t fumble. She knew how to shoot under the dull lighting, against the rapid flow of the  Zumbro River––at least 23 feet above flood stage and right under her feet on the bridge. She knew how to expose the film to get images that, literally, flashed by. Images some Rochester residents will never forget — the 1978 flood.

A couple years later, she went on to  win her first national photo contest, giving Lisa her first national tear sheet, a now, dog-earred copy that hangs in her kitchen, a reminder tier one on her career path. Her journey with a camera and later a pen, enough to sustain her, spiritually, help her raise her family, and lead her on to her wildlife documentaries, her publishing company and beyond.

This is the story of Rochester, Minnesota through Lisa’s journey, through her eyes, through her every click of the shutter—on her Minolta SRT-201 and its predecessors. This story is Lisa’s gift back to her hometown––the place she’s called home, even while she away at college.

There's one thing about Rochester, Minnesota, the place she calls home, that place in her heart that still calls to her soul  summoning her to roam around –– but bring her camera . . . so much so, she penned her motto: “Stories Picturing Daily Life”.

Lisa Loucks Christenson Completes Turn-Again Beauty Pageant, Book Eight, in her Wolves of Whitewater Falls Series

Lisa Loucks Christenson Completes Turn-Again Beauty Pageant, Book Eight, in her Wolves of Whitewater Falls Series

Lisa Loucks Christenson completed her newest book, Turn-Again Creek Beauty Pageant, Book Eight, WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS she wrote during the month of November 2017 during NaNoWriMo.

Lisa has started working on the cover and inside illustrations and will release the book as 5 episodes, 12-18K words each. The series is set in the blufflands of Minnesota, a place Lisa knows well, uses her real field research and wildlife studies, art as references for these environmental supernatural suspense books.

Fans, readers, and followers of Lisa’s recent releases of her, In Search of Spirit Wolf, Episode 1, Book 3; and Wolf Eyes, Book 4, Story Preview Editon, both International best sellers, now have a new book to discover and read—after It has been edited.

Author Interview with Lisa Loucks Christenson

This is an author interview published 11/5/2017 on www.itswritenow.com with Ellen (ItsWriteNow) and Lisa Loucks Christenson. This interview focuses on Lisa's In Search of Spirit Wolf, Episode 1, Book 3, WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS.

Read more →

The Old Man & His Dream by Lisa Loucks Christenson

The Old Man & His Dream by Lisa Loucks Christenson


The Old Man & His Dream 
Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson 

From the Private Library of Lisa Loucks Christenson 


The Old Man & His Dream

Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson

From the Private Library of Lisa Loucks Christenson 

A fact-fable story about an aged man who has a dream about catching a grandiose fish before he dies. Set on the shores of Steamboat Lake, in northern Minnesota, the story follows an old man taking his annual vacations with his extended family, it tote. While teaching his grandchildren all there is to know about catching a large fish - he feels his time is running out, and if he doesn't catch his sizable fish soon, he may never get the chance, aside from catching the big fish that comes to him in a dream. A story that span's years of fishing trips in the rain, in the storms. Will he ever catch the fish? If he does, will he keep it or release it? 
Original Ending... 
Laying face down on the dock Reuben dipped his aged, calloused hands into the cool lake water. It would be a year before he could hold the lake again. Tomorrow they would leave their cabin of memories, but he found comfort in knowing a part of him would always remain. 
   Finally, Reuben stood, and he smiled through the cutting wind, beating against his hardened face. Out of habit, he whispered to the lake, “See you next year. I suppose.” 
Author note: A trip back to this place in Northern Minnesota; a place all the "Loucks'" caught our first big fish, enjoyed endless card games, family trips to Cass Lake, Walker, Minnesota, staying up late night watching Johnny Carson on a 13-inch B&W portable television, weekly fish fry's, stormy weather, and Luna moths flittering under the heat from the flood lights - every June makes up some of the small details of a family spending time together, through the years.  
This story is not only based on our adventures. It taught me not to fear death, but to embrace the lives we have, understand the paths of our departed loved ones and look for the hidden paths they may have, unknowingly or wittingly, left behind for us to find, travel, and reminisce - days or years after they've left the earth.  
As I've discovered, something happens years beyond the day a tackle box is "officially" retired. Memories may remain locked inside, captive and waiting for the next fisherman to open the box and discover their story; but there's something else - a knowledge that may take them years, if not forever, to understand: the true meaning of the intertwined and various strengths of test lines inside; hooked and tied to a fisherman's mind and knotted to a granddaughters' heart. 
A gripping story for anyone who has been “up north,” or has stayed on the ever-changing shores of Steamboat Lake.  
I hope you’ll find a place in your heart for this story and its poignancy.   






Bow Wow Detectives® Book Trailer

Bow Wow Detectives® Book Trailer

Here is the updated Bow Wow Detectives® book trailer. This includes Case File 7, Shadow in Help Wanted.

The Bow Wow Detectives® is a book series written and illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson for Grades 3 and up., the books are about dogs who solve their dilemmas and mysteries and are written from a Christian perspective.

Lisa began writing dog stories while on her eagle documentary, she'd write down the escapades and adventures outdoors with her field dogs; after adopting two Chihuahua's, she created the Bow Wow Detectives® series from all her stories.

She's writing each book to fit a one-hour television format, and has started working on television scripts,  with hopes of producing the series in-house, but that could still be years away, if ever possible. Lisa has always wanted to create her own Davey & Goliath type films, and she hopes her books will provide readers family-friendly stories that features the valuable lessons and reflect the family values she grew up with.

Shadow in Help Wanted
Case File 7
Story Preview Edition (includes the first three chapters, coloring pages, trivia, series information, author bio)
Bow Wow Detectives®
doggie dilemma suspense stories™
Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Every paper has their deadlines and their delivers. When Shadow receives the wrong morning paper, she also finds a time-sensitive note tucked inside and finds herself on the biggest deadline of her life. Can she stop a crime before it happens? Can she, with the help of the other Bow Wow Detectives®, solve the clues in the mysterious note –– before the noon deadline –– the final cut-off time?



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