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Books are available in different formats, some may not have an ebook, some may only be available as an ebook, paperback, etc. 

We work with vendors and distributors worldwide. Please know that even though a book may have a particular known format (ebook, paperback; annotated version, illustrated version, book club version, etc.) we or our vendors offer exclusive promotions, or special editions (book clubs, subscriptions, exclusive offers with our distributors and vendors) of our select titles. During these times, the book in its entirety and/or a special format, or exclusive format means we may not stock this title or version, ever. Please check back to see if the title you want is back in stock, or call if you have questions: (866) 562-5125 toll free. 

We do maintain our listings, but sometimes, a book slips through and we miss turning it off for purchase, if that is the case, and you purchase the book and it's not available we will issue a full refund to you or store credit if you prefer.

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