Out of Print to Back in Print

Out of Print 

It happens. Books go out of print and many of our books come back into print but as a new edition.

Pre-Order means the title is not available except by pre-orering it. No orders are charged until ready to ship or deliv+er. If you pre-order you are making a request for the product, you are charged when the product is ready. We place our titles on pre-order up to two years and some documentaries (still in progress) may be years later. We put these book on pre-order, in advance, to begin marketing them, to see what interest there is. You are not obligated to purchase anything you pre-order. All pre-orders are verified prior to billing so you know exactly when your product will be delivered. No hassle cancelations, if you change your mind.

TOP means it is Temporarily Out of Print (usually an editorial change, contract renewal, licensing, exclusive promo elsewhere, or other)

TOS means it is temporarily Out of Stock (It will be back in print, in time. Call if you have questions 

OP always means that edition with that ISBN has ceased publication--forever for it. We have printing copies of that version. If it is re-published it will be under a new ISBN, maybe a different imprint. 

Sometimes the book is only temporarily OP (out of print). sometimes the book is going through more edits, updates in content and links, new covers, moved to a new imprint, is under an exclusive publishing deal, or going through author contract revisions. There are many reasons. One thing is for sure: That former edition has run its life. We may be creating a new edition, new price, new cover, new something. Call or ask.

If the book is OP when will it be back in print? Call or email. If the book contract or images inside the book license has ended, there are a variety of reasons, we simply list it as OP until we know it is permanently out of print. 

Why do I have to call for orders? We verify your details, and make sure your title(s) is/are IN print before collecting payment. We keep your information safe  because it is Lisa's call center taking the calls, not an outside agency. It is not shared or sold. 

Why are the books $XX on other sites?
Books that are purchased by other vendors, distributors, or sold from used stores, or new copies that were legally purchased are sold by anyone who has those stores, shops. We have no control over their prices. We don't offer any suggested pricing, beyond what's printed on our covers. 

Will the books come back in print?
Sometimes. If we re-negotiate a contract, or offer it for sale under a new imprint, or new format. Call us or check back. (866) 562-5125 toll free.

I am an author or copyright holder of a relatives book published years ago, will you put it in print?
Please send a query to: LLCPEditors@gmail.com. Subject: Copyright holder request  

My book was previously published by an imprint you now own, will you re-edit it and put it back in print?
Please query us (see above), all editorial decisions are made based on a variety of factors. Update us with your new bio, platform information, if you have one. We have a great client base, so putting old books or books you hold the rights to, even books you self published or have the rights reverted from a different publisher. We have many titles from other publishers that are now back in print, or now available as an ebook. We are always happy to review your query. We love talking to our authors. If you call, Please tell operator who you are, what your call is about. 

LLCP and imprints does not charge authors to publish their books, EVER. LLCP pays all costs to create, edit, design, and publish our authors books. Authors do NOT participate in paying for books they want to publish. Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC owns several Christian imprints and a few secular imprints covering most genres, no erotica.



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